Individual Therapy

Sometimes the hardest and most courageous thing you can do is prioritize yourself. Individual therapy is a time and place solely for you. It can be a space to process difficult feelings, such as disconnection, worry, guilt, anger, or grief. It can also be an avenue to cultivate greater psychological flexibility, emotional awareness, and an authentic connection with your values. Usually it’s a little bit of both. Therapy is a deeply personal process and the length and frequency of treatment will vary from person to person based on your needs and goals. Sessions span 45-50 minutes. 

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be a source of both great joy and deep pain. We all long to feel seen, accepted, and deeply connected. And yet, when left unattended, relationships can become distant, boring, strained, or hostile. Couples therapy is an investment in better understanding yourself, your partner, and most importantly, the way in which you navigate life together. Sessions span 50-90 minutes.


Whether it’s work, school, kids, social obligations, physical limitations, or other circumstances, day-to-day life often poses very real barriers to mental health care. Fortunately, technology allows for the convenience of therapy wherever you are. If you have access to internet and a computer, phone, or tablet, connection can still happen. Telehealth (therapy through an online video platform) is offered to all Florida residents and is structured in the same way as in-person therapy. All paperwork can be completed and submitted electronically prior to your first appointment. Sessions span 45-50 minutes.