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Hello and Welcome.

In its best form, therapy can be a powerful catalyst for insight, healing, and personal transformation. Whatever challenges you are facing today, it is my hope that your search for therapy provides an avenue to emotional relief, deeper connections, and a richer understanding of how to approach life’s inevitable ebbs and flows.

Hi, I’m Dr. Kelsi Clayson and I’m so glad you found your way here. I am a licensed clinical psychologist based in Tampa, FL. I specialize in working with adults experiencing anxiety, depression, symptoms of unresolved trauma, challenging life transitions, and relationship difficulties. I also have extensive training in women’s mental health and well-being. Please feel free to browse through this website and view my services and specialties pages to see if we may work well together. It would be my profound privilege to walk alongside you on your path to wellness.

A note on COVID-19: We are all facing uncertain and challenging times in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Anxiety, doubt, frustration, disappointment, and grief have become everyday experiences for many. In an effort to accommodate fluctuating schedules and best serve those affected by the crisis, all services are currently available via telehealth (therapy through an online video platform).

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